Subway systems at the same scale

Neil Freeman, 2004–
format and dimensions vary

Preorder a poster with maps of every subway system in the world (140 in all). Poster will be available for shipping on December 5, 2015. The poster is 29 by 23 inches (74 by 58 cm).

see at double this scale

kilometer 1 km
mile 1 mi

These are not all of the world's subway systems. You might be interested in the difference between subways and commuter rail.

Thanks to alan_cunningham for Atlanta, to jonathan.addleman for a Montreal map, to Kevin Keller and Michael Kitzman for links a LA map, to jamison for an SF MUNI map, and to ssp for Berlin S-bahn help. Further thanks to Greg Smith, clgonsal, Damien Fox & Matthew Corks for help with Toronto, and to Vincent Graux for a Brussels map. Many thanks to A. Feldman & A. Lorentzen for loans of Philadelphia & Budapest maps, respectively. Radical Cartography has a similar page.